Breakfast in Maastricht – 22 April 2013 ICC@M

Some early birds were already up this sunny morning at 8 or 8.30 o’clock for an early breakfast at the Hotel de l’Empereur. Some others joined a little bit later; some teams came a very long way to Maastricht and used the opportunity to catch up on sleep. And let’s not forget about yesterday’s surprise event at John Mullins pub, which was enjoyed by many.


I talked to the members of six universities this morning: the IBA Karachi, SFU, NUS, Porto, Maastricht and Florida teams.


The social activities today are generally very much appreciated by the teams, getting a chance to see beautiful Maastricht. The first impressions the teams received yesterday of Maastricht are positive and the teams look forward to seeing and feeling more of the city’s spirit today.

The next days are looked forward to, with mixed feelings of excitement, curiosity and a tiny bit of nervousness.


The atmosphere among the teams is great, and that already this early in the morning!


Enjoy this beautiful day!


Weather forecast for this afternoon: up to 14 degrees, sunny!

Take your sunglasses, it’s gonna be a nice day!




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