Corporate Event DSM: Business models at the Base of the Pyramid

One of the first corporate events during ICC@M 2013 was a workshop about DSM nutrition and their projects to introduce nutritional products for low income families in Jakarta and Kenya. The room was filled with a nice mixture of interested bachelor students, master students and SBE staff of diverse cultural backgrounds. The workshop was opened and moderated by Maurice Olivers, Director Executive Education and Business Development at Maastricht University, who introduced the two DSM representatives Robert van den Heuvel, Head of New Business Development and Ankie Kreuwels, Project Manager DSM Recruitment. Robert van den Heuvel introduced the participants to DSM in general as a company, its evolution and different projects. He emphasized two projects that DSM nutrition recently started in the last few months: Malnutrition of school kids due to unhealthy snacks in Indonesia and high malnutrition of children and adults in Kenya. DSM nutrition has started a pilot project at 30 schools in Jakarta, Indonesia to offer little children a healthy snack bar full of important vitamins. In Kenya, the focus lies on milk to be used as a carrier for micro nutrients, as milk is a very popular daily product for all age groups in the African country. So after giving all the participants an overview of DSM nutrition’s business and current projects, the interactive part of the workshop started with the overall marketing challenge of how to reach Base of the Pyramid  consumers in these two countries and furthermore, how to use social media and mobile phones to reach these consumers. The participants first discussed their ideas in small groups and then all suggestions were collected and discussed with everyone. The ideas resulting from the panel discussion were very diverse, innovative and useful for Robert van den Heuvel, who noted down many suggestions for an upcoming business meeting. Participants were very creative and enthusiastic and would have probably discussed for a few more hours, if time constraints did not end this great workshop after the planned two hours. Overall, this workshop was very interesting and a big success for everyone involved. The organising committee would like to thank Robert van den Heuvel and Ankie Kreuwels again for making this great event possible!

Article written by Fabienne Herlinger. ICC@M2013 corporate events team

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