Day 3: Round 1 – 3 Hours Case

The day has started at the Hotel Empereur by releasing the case from Gemeente Maastricht to the different teams. After 3 hours of preparation the teams arrived at the SBE and had the possibility to enjoy a nice lunch before presenting their results in front of the judges.

The results of the first round are as follow:

Division A Division B Division C Division D
Eva Consulting Peak Associates Case by the Ocean MIH Groupe
Forte Saphire Strategy Group Vector Consulting Alcoves Consulting
Avocado Consulting Flow Consulting Kova Consulting Magnus Consulting
GLCD Consulting Team Donar MARU Consulting Sharks


In the evening, all the participants enjoyed a delicious dinner at the restaurant Dadawan followed by the “Focus on wall street” party organized by SCOPE.

Congratulations to all the teams for completing their first case of the competition! A special thank you to Gemeente Maastricht for providing such an interesting case today.


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