DHL – Transforming Corporate Finance, Controlling and Accounting

The first workshop of the week, on Monday, was held by Martine Munnix and Kourosh Dolatabadi from DHL. After giving a brief overview of the company and the business model, the participants learned about the Accounting & Controlling Department at DHL Express in Maastricht. The participants could see the transformation that DHL Express has gone through in the past years to centralize, standardize and industrialize the Accounting and Controlling functions. Mrs Munnix explained about the transformation and Mr. Dolatabadi further explained about challenges they encounter during this transformation. The workshop was easy to follow and the students could apply previously learned knowledge they already picked up in courses like Finance or Accounting. Furthermore, it was interesting to get to know one of the positions available in the Accounting & Controlling departments of companies. Concluding, Mr. Dolatabadi mentioned that Maastricht serves as a pool of talent for them, which is why their central Accounting department is located here. This is especially interesting for students graduating soon with an interest in Accounting and Controlling.


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