Divisions and Teams

At the welcome dinner on Sunday, a member of every competing team drew their slot for the presentations.

For confidentialtiy reasons we can only display the fictious names of the teams, not the university names.

Division A:

Team 1: HL Solutions

Team 2: Caps Consulting

Team 3: EVA Consulting

Team 4: Campass Consulting


Division B:

Team 1: Synergy

Team 2: Apollo Strategy Group

Team 3: SEM Consulting

Team 4: Occulus


Division C:

Team 1: Fox Consulting

Team 2: Noah Consulting

Team 3: Consilio Consulting

Team 4: Prime vision consultancy


Division D:

Team 1: Masters of Consulting

Team 2: Real Consulting

Team 3: Solar Consulting

Team 4: Precise


We hope you all enjoyed rowing at Saurus and the city tour yesterday and are now ready to start with your first case!

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