Henkel – Challenges and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

This event was very different from the other corporate events as it was a central part of the ICCM competition itself. It started with the announcement of the winners of the Henkel case in the second ICC@M case round. After this, Henkel gave an interactive presentation about the challenges an international company can face in an emerging market and how they can be dealt with. The emerging market at hand was the Ukraine facing political, military and economic problems. The four Henkel presenters were all from the Finance department, however, they all had different roles and could therefore provide various perspectives in order to answer the audience’s questions. The discussion got more interesting, when the coordinator of the new specialization, Emerging Markets, joined the discussion and provided the additional perspective that problems in emerging markets should be viewed as challenges and ways to differentiate a company in the customers’ eyes. The panel discussion then ended with a short overview of the worldwide career opportunities at Henkel.

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