At 11:00 in the morning, the Launchbase workshop started in the lovely SBE lounge. The speaker for Launch Base was Benno Groosman. He is the consultant for Launch Base program training.

Benno started the workshop with introducing himself. Then, he began to talk about ‘What is entrepreneurship?’. There were also several steps for entrepreneurship and he pointed out that as university students, we are in the stage between first step which is recognising potential entrepreneur opportunities and second step which is assembling recourses. Following by identifying where we are, Benno also introduced us what entrepreneurship can reward us for.

There are many interaction parts after Benno’s basic introduction about entrepreneurship. He asked participants to think about some real problems in contemporary life and possible solutions to deal with them. Participants also worked in team to build up a business model for startup business and they also learned factors like revenue flaw, value positions that should be considered before involving into startup business.

The workshop was a very interactive one and everyone got to express their ideas.

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