Maastricht Fashion

At the corporate event at the ICC@M a workshop was given by the Gemeente Maastricht which had the topic „Maastricht Fashion“. Robert is a representative of Maastricht: Marketing and briefly explained what their aim is and what fashion in Maastricht is all about. He follows the ICC@M for many years and is very familiar with this event. A lot of different events are organized, such as the Fashionclash. Brenda works for the municipality Maastricht and focuses on the creative industry in the city and supported the workshop a lot since she gave insight into the business. During the two hours all participants were welcome to ask questions and since it was a very diverse group a lot of discussion about fashion and shops in Maastricht evolved. For example, one participant creates own clothes and organizes events where people can exchange their stuff. Overall, it was interesting to see how to implement fashion into a city like Maastricht and how different people contribute to it.

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