MC4E Workshop – Walking in an Entrepreneur’s Shoes

One of the exciting and interesting activities during the International Case Competition @ Maastricht included an interactive and inspiring workshop on Entrepreneurship that was hosted by the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship (MC4E). The goal of the workshop was to provide the participants with an understanding of fundamental aspects of Entrepreneurship or in other words how to acquire the tools to effectively develop creative ideas into a real business structure.


Ana Mihail, who is a valuable asset of the MC4E team, opened the workshop with a short speech on what Entrepreneurship really is about, in her point of view.  She walked the participants through the steps that a successful entrepreneur must take. First, there should be a realistic and compelling idea. Second, a good business plan with an accurate description of the product, analysis of the market, competition and finance should be developed. Thirdly, attract investors, interact with other entrepreneurs and distribute your product. Lastly, yet very importantly, go on vacation as a reward for the hard work.

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Then the floor was given to one entrepreneur with real-life experience, namely Koen van Parijs, one of the founders of Wij Limburg – a webpage that delivers news on a local level about entrepreneurship. He explained in-depth what their team has accomplished since 2009, what challenges they must take up and what their future goals are. It was indeed very intriguing to listen to an entrepreneur who gives insights of the whole hustles behind a project and brings practical pieces of advice. Everyone looked straight at him, listened carefully and took notes, lots of notes.

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In the second part of the workshop all participants were divided into four groups of either 4 or 5 people and started to brainstorm on how Wij Limburg can attract more new readers, which is one of the challenges their team faces at the moment. Each team came up with diverting and fascinating ideas. Promotion on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, creation of a premium newsletter and setting up an ambassador network were only some of the propositions to Koen. However, Koen was obliged to choose only one winning team even though he liked the performance of all teams. A constructive feedback was received by each team.


By Ivan Draganov

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