Monday 22nd of April 2013

Discover Maastricht Tour

After everyone grabbed a sandwich and some fruits provided by Deli Belge a Maastricht City Tour starts
From the Markt the route leads to the Stadspark, where some australian and asian students are astonished about the remaining parts of the city wall. Questions arise: Wasn’t the other part of Maastricht on the other side of the river there before? Were the cannons to protect the city? Did it participate in second world war?
Also the big number of churches seems astonishing to most students, especially the fact, that they are not used as churches but also as a bookstore or hotel.

“I did not expect anything of Maastricht, since I never heard of this city before. I must say, I really like it, it seems that it has some history with its old buildings, which we do not really have”, says a student from Canada.

“I will go shopping in Maastricht and get some nice dresses!”, says a girl from Hongkong.

After a fun day discovering Maastricht we made an intent to try to row a boat. And guess what? It appeared our participants are highly skilled! No accidents or people whom fell in the water!

So as a reward we ended up in the Saurus’ bar to get some drinks and enjoy a great game! More pictures to be found at

One question remains: How does party life look like here in this old city?

…. We will see tomorrow at the Wall Street Party!

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