Selection Procedure

Participants compete with the best students from the top business schools around the world. Since you are representing Maastricht University we only select the most qualified students for these Case Competitions.

Once a year between 4 and 16 of top BSc IB/IBE students are invited to participate in a Case Competition. These students are selected from a group of 16 pre-selected students who took part in both the skills training “Preparation for Case Competition” and its refresher course meetings. The number of selected students can vary depending on the number of Case Competitions SBE is participating in.

The following selection criteria and procedure holds for students who would like to participate in a Case Competition*.

  1. All second year IB and IBE students’ first year study results will be assessed and the students are ranked according to the grade point average (GPA) obtained from the Exams office.
  2. Between 30 and 50 of the second year IB and IBE students will be invited via e-mail to submit a letter of motivation and a CV.
  3. On the basis of these letters of motivation and CVs, 24 students will then be invited to an “encounter session”, where they receive more information on the skills training ‘Preparation for Case Competition’. In addition, they will do several assignments. The results of the assignments will determine which 16 students take part in the skills training.
  4. The students invited to take part in the Case Competitions will be selected from this group of 16, based on their performance in the skills training and refresher course meetings and with an effective team composition in mind.

Participation in a case competition is a privilege and not a right. The deciding authority lies with the two block coordinators of the skills training “Preparation for Case Competition”.