PrepLounge Workshop – Crack the Case

The audience knew from the beginning that the workshop will offer them a whole lot to learn from, and especially for those, who are interested in working in the consultancy industry. The speaker of the workshop Fernando Martinelli, was the perfect person to learn from. As a former Bain & Company consultant, he is highly familiar with the interview process at consultancies. He used his knowledge and experience to co-found PrepLounge and runs it today as the CEO.

Questions like how the mind of a consultant works and why there are so many cases in the interview process are answered before we actually arrived to the core content of the workshop:  how to crack different types of cases. Mr. Martinelli points out crucial points the interviewer expects and how you, as the interviewee, can smartly fulfill those expectations.


After getting a feel for cracking a case, we already arrived at the last part of the workshop, the interactive case. One person from the audience was asked to come to the front to draw out the process of solving the case. The audience was very active in helping asking the right questions to Mr. Martinelli, who played the role of the interviewer. Right after, everyone could test themselves in interviews role played in teams of two. By the end of the day our brains were highly challenged but we arrived at our goal: knowing how to crack a case.


By Thi Trang Dai Nguyen

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