Results Tuesday

We could all feel the tension in the room while radar’s CEO and Bas van Diepen spoke their many thanks and expressed how impressed they are of what students achieve in only 3 hours of this first case competition.

Then, finally, today’s results were revealed.

Division A:

4th Place: Compass Consulting

3rd Place: EVA Consulting

2nd Place: HL Solutions

1st Place: Caps Consulting


Division B:

4th Place: Synergy

3rd Place: Occulus

2nd Place: SEM Consulting

1st Place: Apollo Strategy Group


Division C:

4th Place: Prime vision consultancy

3rd Place: Fox Consulting

2nd Place: Consilio Consulting

1st Place: Noah Consulting


Division D:

4th Place: Masters of Consulting

3rd Place: Real Consulting

2nd Place: Precise

1st Place: Solar Consulting


We want to congratulate the winners of the division and wish everyone good luck for tomorrow.

Come join us for the dinner at Kiwi at 7pm tonight to gain your strengths back after an exhausting day!

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