Salesforce Workshop – The Benefits of Cloud Computing


It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon, three enthusiastic people from Salesforce together with all participants: the workshop on the ‘Benefits of Cloud Computing’ could begin! After a brief introduction of what the company Salesforce stood for, it was time for the participants to show off their talents! They were divided up into three teams who competed with each other. The goal was to create a sales pitch in front of a company you would think Salesforce could and should be doing business with. The workshop  was all about imagination, creativity, and an attempt to make the customer satisfied.

After 90 minutes of blood, sweat and tears the time was up, and the teams had to present their pitch in front of the hosts! The first team started off with a pitch to convince the surf-clothing company Billabong, where Salesforce could help creating a surfing community via social media. The second pitch was all about improving processes regarding responsiveness and flexibility for the optician Fielmann.  The last pitch concerned the new strategy for Albert Heijn: the new way of shopping. With a personalized card plugged in a shopping cart, the store knew what your shopping list from last week was and could guide you the way through the shop.

Salesforce 1

When all presentations were finished, the jury (three employees from Salesforce) deliberated on who was best. After some discussion, they told the participants that they were very impressed by the ability to successfully link Salesforce with potential business partners. Next, every group received their feedback from each jury individually, after which a winner was chosen: team Billabong.

By Yvo Velthoen

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