SSF Workshop – The Transformative Power of Service Innovation

After a couple of welcome drinks and some get-to-know-each-other chats, the participants joined their seats as Jochen Barth (Managing Director of the Service Science Factory) started with his introduction on service innovation.

After making clear what service innovation is and why this is relevant for firms nowadays, the participants formed small groups of three people and got familiar with the case they were assigned to.

The ICC@M corporate events team, together with Jochen Barth, prepared several interesting cases: e.g. Lego, General Motors, Caterpillar, Bayer and Starbucks. At first, you may think they do not have much in common, but it turns out, they are all very “avant-gardiste” in terms of service innovation.

ssf 1

In the brainstorming session, the participants were challenged to come up with an enhanced value proposition for their firm, as well as a creative service innovation idea. Then, the whole group discussed their various interesting solutions and got to know what each firm really did.

The workshop ended upon an inspiring presentation held by Jochen again, about the current “mega trends”, such as “the quantifiable self” and “gamification”.

By Maajke Siekmann

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