The sun is shining and ICC@M2013 teams are rowing at Saurus

While the sun shows its face to Maastricht again, the teams are experiencing the “wild waters” of the Maas. At MSRV Saurus (Maastricht Student Rowing Associating Saurus) the teams are presented with the opportunity to get a quick master class in rowing at the Maas, while also enjoying the sun and surroundings of outer Maastricht. This nice addition to the earlier city tour through the city centre should provide the visiting teams a better view of what Maastricht as a city represents; an international environment of excellence and openness. This openness is also reflected in the students “illegal” boat ride into Belgium and back. Fortunately the borders are still open and thus no passports needed to be presented. Rowing from the Netherlands into Belgium and back? Crossed off the bucket list! Check out the photos later on the website!

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