Wednesday Results

The Wallstreet Party yesterday was great fun and now, while some of the Maastricht students are still fighting with their hangovers, the teams have already finished their second case.

We would like to thank Puur voor mijzelf for the great case. Anja was very impressed that people could follow her dream and think of strategies, which she had in mind and be full of passion and motivation.

A big applause was also given to the case writers of todays case about social entrepreneurship.
We are happy to announce that today everybody complied with the rules.

And here are the results of today’s 3 hour case:


Division A:

4th Place: Caps Consulting

3rd Place: EVA Consulting

2nd Place: Compass Consulting

1st Place: 4L Consulting


Division B:

4th Place:  Synergy

3rd Place: Occulus

2nd Place: Apollo Strategy Group

1st Place: SE Consulting


Division C:

4th Place: Prime Vision Consultancy

3rd Place: FOX Consulting

2nd Place: Noah Consulting

1st Place: Consilio Consulting


Division D:

4th Place: Real Consulting

3rd Place: Precise

2nd Place: Masters of Consulting

1st Place: Solar Consulting


Congrats to the winners and enjoy your free evening! We look forward to the 24hour case tomorrow!

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