Welcome to all Participants from Asia

Only 4 days left until we all meet here in sunny Maastricht.

Several universities are coming from the far East:

So we say สวัสดี to Thammasat University Bangkok and wish good luck to Pimlada Nampitchtanasin, Watcharapon Chiamsatchamongkhol, Chavisa Ruangsiri, Thanyathorn Chotivittayatanin and their advisor Nopporn Ruangwanit!

你好 to  Yu Jin, Xiaoyu Song, Yan Xu, Lixinze Xia and their advisor Jie Jiao from Tsinghua University. We look forward to meeting you!

Kenny Ng, Rex Sin, Jessica Kwok, Angele Law and their advisor Alice Lui are welcomed with a warm 你好. Best of luck to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology!

National University Singapore and Jovin Loh, Li Ting Low, Lenard Lou, Kenneth Leong and their advisor Sin Hoon Humare welcomed “歡迎”. We wish you good luck and a nice time in Maastricht. 

A good journey to all of you and we are excited to meet you on Friday!

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