Workshop MC4E/Smart Capitial Network – “Walk in an entrepreneur’s shoes”

On Wednesday 24 April 2013, Bas Lemmens of Smart Capital Network (SCN) held a workshop about how it feels to walk in an entrepreneur’s shoes. SCN connects experienced entrepreneurs, financial engineers and seasoned directors with start-ups and SMEs. In order to do so, SCN valued an entrepreneur’s idea on 10 criteria, alias the SCN Value Chain of 10. The company already guided some well-known start-ups  as Wingman Condoms and Your Airport Transfer (YAT).

The success of the latter start-up, an intermediate between taxi companies and clients, is greatly dependent on the width of its network of taxi companies. And although Your Airport Transfer provides a lot of benefits, both for clients and providers of taxi rides, they have some difficulties in extending this network. And so, Lemmens challenged the participants of the workshop to come up with new ideas to create a bigger provider network.

After Lemmens introduced both SCN as the start-up, he explained how value was delivered through Your Airport Transfer. He indicated that a problem arose around the most crucial criterion of success, a widely spread network of providers. The participants, divided in subgroups, had a brainstorm in which various new ideas were born. The findings they presented, ideas like cooperation with airlines, hotels, and multinationals as well as a quality certificate and guerilla advertising, appeared very promising. Lemmens indicated he didn’t hear some suggestions for the first time, but fortunately, he also received new insights which hadn’t been identified before and which hold great potential. Triggered by this workshop, SCN is going to investigate the effects and possibilities of quality labels, stickers and guerilla advertisement. This makes that the workshop not only provided participants with an insight in an entrepreneur’s world but also provided benefit to Your Airport Transfer/SCN by delivering them new ideas.

Article written by Rob van de Mortel, ICC@M2013 corporate events team

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