Workshop Océ: “Corporate Learning Institute: From Cost to Profit Center”

One of the first corporate events of the 2013 edition of the ICC@M was held by Chad Cook and Patrick Collaris from Océ’s International Trading Center (ITC). Stimulating learning in the organization both on technical aspects as well as on the soft skills, the ITC enables Océ to increase efficiency between and within its global regions. Being taken over by the Japanese giant Canon, the ITC’s future became obscure. The centralized role of Océ’s ITC was questioned as Canon operates training centers in a decentralized way and develops trainings at the local levels, further the company faces the situation that current revenue streams may drop off in near future. In order to learn from the insights from students and external professionals, Cook and Collaris held a workshop about this topic.


After a profound introduction of both Océ’s and Canon’s situation, as well as the condition of the ITC, the business partners introduced the challenges they faced. Students and professionals brainstormed in different groups about which potential customers ITC could attract, and how the ITC could be more valuable and thus transform from a cost center to a profit center, after which the groups presented their suggestions. The results were quite overpowering. According to Cook and Collaris, the participants of the workshop provided them valuable feedback. Especially in the areas of problem definition, environmental analysis, and strategy formulation, it appeared that ITC could gain better insights, enabling them to outperform competition, increase its value for Canon, and switch from a cost center to a profit center. These suggestions where highly appreciated and although some of them were already indicated by the ITC’s management, they realized that these areas weren’t stressed enough. Participants enjoyed this workshop which gave them a better insight into the issues Océ faces and how to resolve them, and similarly great value was provide for the Océ professionals, who received sophisticated input on how to tackle their business issue from an external viewpoint.

Article written by Rob van de Mortel, ICC@M2013 corporate events team

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